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Greenlaw Primary School


As a small three-teacher school and nursery there is a great opportunity for all staff to get to know every pupil. This means that we will endeavour to provide an environment where each child is truly recognised, accepted and valued. We aim to foster an environment where children can reach their full potential in a happy, learning atmosphere, where there is a place for everyone and there is a genuine feeling of belonging. We promote a high, positive, self-esteem in all children and adults, in an environment where all may feel valued, accepted and respected.   



Since August 2009 Greenlaw Primary has been a partner school with Swinton  Primary and the Headteacher leads and manages both schools. This enables the schools to work closely together sharing many experiences but keeping our own identities.




Greenlaw Primary School

Queens Row


Duns            TD10 6XL

Tel:              01361 810254

Fax:             01361 810558

Nursery:      01361 810756


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